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I’m Sam. Once upon a time, I earned an MFA in creative writing from Temple University. Before that, I was a newspaper journalist. Then I rode a bicycle across the United States, moved to Colorado, and kept the adventures going.

I work as a freelance writer when I’m not out exploring some beautiful corner of this world we inhabit.

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I Hiked The Continental Divide Trail Summer of 2021

What’s the Continental Divide Trail? It’s a 3100-mile-long trail that traverses the United States from South to North, starting at the Mexican border in New Mexico, and ending at the Canadian Border in Montana. The CDT follows the Continental Divide through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. You can obviously also hike it in either direction, but I be hiked it Southbound. You can read about my journey right here!

In the Summer of 2020, I thru-hiked the Colorado Trail.

For the Third Time.

Okay, so the first time was actually on a bike, a bike I pulled out of the trash. The second and third times I hiked it, though. You can read about that here too.

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