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I use my own experiences as inspiration to help you and your brand tell your story.

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Do you want me to write content for your website? Blog posts about the outdoors or something else entirely? Product descriptions? Email sequences? Press releases? Email me for rates and availability.

In 2012 I earned a Master’s Degree in creative writing from Temple University, then promptly began a cross-country bicycle tour. I learned a lot, in grad school and while living on a bike. 7,000 miles later, I found myself just outside of Los Angeles. It was November, the nights were getting longer, the days colder. So I made my way to Denver, where an expertly placed hand-drawn flyer had landed me a room to rent in a house with 10 roommates. That was the start of my life in the Western States, where I have kept the adventures going.

Now let’s get crafting your story.

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