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Why I’m not buying new backpacking gear this year

Sometimes the pursuit of new gear and it gets in the way of doing the activity that gear was supposed to enable. Embrace the old, the well loved, and get out there!

One Year Review: Tarptent Aeon Lithium

Last winter I finally came to terms with the fact that I needed to relegate my beloved two pound Lightheart Gear Solo to the status of backup tent if I wanted to get my shoulder season base weight below 8 pounds. That started my quest for the perfect ultralight tent, which led me to the Tarptent Aeon Lithium. After owning this tent for a year and using it on many adventures, I can say that this tent is a strong contender for the best lightweight solo tent available. The Aeon is not the perfect tent, there is no such thing as perfect when it comes to ultralight backpacking gear, but Tarptent comes pretty damn close with this one. 

So why did I choose the Tarptent Aeon Lithium?

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