CDT part 5–mostly photos

I’m currently in Ennis, Montana. This is about 100 miles into the Big Sky alternate.

A major plus about the Big Sky Alternate is that you end up hiking through all of Yellowstone. I’ll be getting to Yellowstone much sooner, too. Like, I’ll be there in less than a week now.

There’s been a decent amount of road walking so far on the alternate, as you can see in the photos. A wide road, sometimes dirt, sometimes paved, has become common in southern Montana.

But, here are a bunch of pictures of those roads. Also included are the surrounding mountains and some friends I’ve made.

Sunrise is 6 am out here, gotta get up early to catch that.
Didn’t even catch any rain on this day. Not pictured: several cow patties.
Almost to Whitehall, 15 miles of pavement later.
Butte alternate route
Finally got to the top of something with some serious views.
Sometimes we had marshes underneath.
Doubletrack sunsets.
Power lines.
Fluffy clouds.

Well, it’s time to go resupply. Another 45 miles to Big Sky, Montana.

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