CDT part 8–All the way in New Mexico?

Well, Wyoming and Colorado were beautiful. But, after I was snowed on in the Wind River range I decided it was time to start going faster.

And then I made it through the Winds and into Colorado in 16 days.

Then my friends were getting married in Denver in 11 days, so I kept hustling. I went to the wedding and made it back to the trail in 4 days.

Then, it was the middle of September and I felt like I needed to get to New Mexico before the inevitable early October winter storms in the San Juan mountains. Southern Colorado is the highest elevation section of the entire CDT. I wanted to be through there before I had to deal with a snow storm at 12,000 feet.

Well, I’m sitting in a motel room in Cuba, New Mexico. I made it south of the most likely places to get snowed on while only dealing with small amounts of snow. I did it. Now I only have about 600 miles of mostly desert walking to deal with and I’ll have thru-hiked the Continental Divide Trail. Wow.

At this point I’ve decided to “catch up” on this blog when I’m finished hiking. I definitely don’t have a good enough internet connection here in Cuba to do any more catching up than this.

I’ll be at the Mexican border in about three weeks!

Until then, you can follow along on Instagram if you aren’t already.

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